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    EarlWolf - "Orange Juice"

    Date released: 2010 Album: Radical

    One of the best parts about Odd Future is the fact that while many saw them as being "horrorcore" rappers or whatever, their love for rap always included some Gucci Mane or Waka Flocka. Grabbing the instrumental for Gucci Mane's Bangladesh-produced "Lemonade," this was one of the first appearances of Earl and Tyler hopping on a track together, after the release (and early buzz) from Tyler's Bastard and Earl's, um, Earl. Back when Tyler was still pissed as bloggers for sleeping, back before Earl got sent to Samoa. Two of Odd Future's brightest going for theirs over those huge pianos. Tyler's talking chopped bodies, Earl's on beast mode, showcasing the epitome of the "two dope boys" not giving any kind of fuck. "Rap's alpha team" went for broke on Radical, and this was one of the most replayed cuts from the project, without a doubt.