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    Odd Future - "Oldie"

    Date released: 2012 Album: The OF Tape Vol. 2

    What sets "Oldie" apart from many of the other songs on this list is the obvious fact that this is an all-out group effort. Over a basic looped snare drum-dominant beat, all the members of the gang take turns rhyming, and while there have been many collaborations between OF members in the collective's history, no other song has seen everyone on one track. Hell, even Frank Ocean flexes, yielding possibly one of the best verses in OF history, and Jasper, who isn't a musical member of the group, spits. Their video is a bonus, the shoot of which also doubled up as a Terry Richardson photoshoot, giving you a look into their fun, goofy dynamic, their reckless spirit summed up neatly in a 10-minute video.