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    Tyler, the Creator ft. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt - "Rusty"

    Date released: 2013 Album: Wolf

    Are you one of those cats who think that Odd Future is all about 666 and hating on religion? Well, you might be right about that, but there's an eerie beauty to what these guys are doing outside of the theatrics, and "Rusty" is one of those tracks that Tyler uses to let loose. Over some throwback drums, Tyler is the one that truly shines, hogging the bulk of this track to express himself about the OF detractors who forever hate on the content of his music. He's still grabbing his dick and saying fuck you, but he's throwing your bullshit in your face to prove a point; he's in the middle of the road, having to satisfy fans and critics when he's really just trying to express himself. Domo keeps it grimey because that's what he does, and Earl's lone verse on the magnum opus that is Wolf ends in gunshots that play a bigger part in the huge, overarching story that is Tyler's solo albums, but Earl doesn't waste the little time he has on the project to go mental.