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    Tyler, the Creator ft. Earl Sweatshirt - "Assmilk"

    Date released: 2009 Album: Bastard

    Months before Odd Future dropped "Earl" onto the Internets, blowing the minds of rap fans who had been waiting for a rapper like Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler released Bastard with this Earl-featured "AssMilk." Over one of those instrumentals that highlights everything that's beautiful about Tyler's production, Earl and Tyler trade four bars apiece, spitting some of the most maniacal rhymes we've heard a pair of teens spit. "Me and Ace is sick my malaria carriers" is one of those lines where, if you weren't a fan of Earl back in the day, you would be now, even if you're not too into lyrics about cannibalism. There's even a weird segue where Tyler apparently fucks Earl's eye up during a take. One of those cuts where you can see why people loved OFWGKTA... and why they feared the wolves.