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    Dillon Cooper

    There's a surge of new energy in hip-hop right now that's so strong it's almost tangible. What's ironic about this though, is that most of the sound associated with this new wave of talent is derived from that of early '90s hip-hop, featuring sharp beats paired with thoughtful and reflective lyrics. You see it in the workings of some of rap's youngest and most exciting emcees—the Earl Sweatshirts, the Joey Bada$$es, the Chance The Rappers. Dillon Cooper is the latest artist you could add to this list of revivalists. At just 20 years old, he's already turned heads with the release of his fantastic mixtape Cozmik, which featured that essential mix of confidence and talent that's so crucial to an artist's success in today's rap world. And while it's easy to draw comparisons to fellow rappers, Cooper has this undefined, signature element that ensures his ability to stand out. It's this unique combination—a sound that's so popular while still possessing this untapped potential—that make someone like Cooper record label gold.