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    Since the world discovered the crowned prince of trap Hucci, he's been knocking out a number of solid remixes for U.K. artists, including a track featuring none other than Busta Rhymes. With his signature, bass-heavy 808 sound and a solid grasp of how to freak all kinds of samples, imagine if a stable like G.O.O.D. Music or Roc Nation gobbled up Hucci as a in-house producer? He could bring some meaty beats for rappers to go ham over, or turn down some neck-snapping trap-esque tapestries for vocalists to get turnt up to. His lane might not extend past trap lovers and those who can vibe with that sound with a proper vocalist, but just imagine if Hucci went on a Neptunes/Timbaland-esque spree of production credits for artists like Beyonce or Rihanna.