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    Lucki Eck$

    In any genre, but especially hip-hop, there are a lot of posers. Flows get jacked, style turns into a game of follow-the-leader, and when a trend catches on, the flocks are relentless. These days, the hardest thing to find is individuality—the ability to do something completely unique. Chicago's Lucki Eck$ may not have reached his creative peak yet, but as a teenager he's already showed more creative spark than most artists who have spent years developing their craft. Lucki's got a natural ability to adapt his flow to untraditional soundscapes, over production that most rappers would struggle to wrap their heads around. His latest mixtape, Alternative Trap, is just a glimpse into what he's capable of, and if he surrounds himself with the right people, he could be the next guy that the flocks are following. Even if he's not, it's hard to believe that he'd ever be the guy flocking, and that alone makes him worth investing in, if you ask us.