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    Pate has the sharp delivery of Pusha T, but he's also got the mindset of not always wanting to deliver those straightforward, catchy songs that people can latch on to. He's been buzzing in Philadelphia for years now, but he hasn't had that breakthrough moment yet, and he's been hit-or-miss with what he decides to put out, putting out mixtape cuts using other people's beats or inconsistent production that does little to define his lane. But without fail, Pate's delivery has that bite to it, and like Pusha T, he strikes magic whenever he's in his zone. Signing Pate would require picking a direction and helping him mold his skill into more of an art, because there's a big difference between a skilled rapper and a well-rounded artist. Pate's got the rapping part down, and once he figures out the rest, he's going to be unstoppable.

    Download his Take Off in T-Minus 2 mixtape here.