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    White Rabbit - "Percussion Gun"

    Date uploaded: October 8, 2009

    If you've heard the original, then you'll understand that White Rabbit's "Percussion Gun" isn't an easy song to play considering its overall wildness and frenetic drumming. So, taking this one out of the studio and away from a venue with good acoustics was a risky move to make. But the band held their own, playing the song in what appears to be the backyard of someone's home. Of course, the nuances from the original are lost, but this only goes to show that true performers are capable of adapting to unfavorable circumstances.

    "After Rudie Fails we found a house that we really wanted to film in. Only two small problems: we didn’t have permission and we didn’t know who lived there. Fortunately, the guy who lived there was home and after the initial confusion rubbed off, the shirtless, surfer dude was more than happy to be our host."