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    Cults - "Were Before"

    I'll admit, I was really nervous to listen to Cults' new album. After putting out such a fantastically executed debut record, I was doubtful that they'd be able to create something of that caliber again. Yet, with the release of Static's first two singles, it was clear: Cults were back and they were out to prove just why the buzz surrounding them was so strong to begin with. And while I was happy to see their core, signature sound remained intact between the two releases despite the three years in between, I was mostly happy to see some concrete growth in their songs, both lyrically and production wise. One of the finest examples of this is "Were Before," a nostalgic love song that's greatest payoff doesn't come in the form of a peppy, retro-pop chorus but instead a slightly edgier, more percussion heavy ending. It's not a drastic deviation from their original feel, but one sharp enough that proves Cults has the range and talent to make a truly lasting mark in the indie-pop world. - Katie K