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    Hucci - "Prism"

    By the time I broke down my favorite shit from last week, Hucci had released his latest EP. And while there's been some debate on just how impressive/important his new release, Rose Gold, truly is, consider the fact that there's already been a fuckload of debate on his music. At 17-years-old, this UK producer has already ignited the trap scene in the UK, even if he recycles a number of sounds... and drops. But fuck that, dude really took it "there" with this release, expanding not only what he was using as source material, but giving us a glimpse into the different chambers of his own output. Just take "Prism," which almost completely abandons anything consider "trap" around the 2:30 mark and goes into some dubbier territories. I'm not going to say that Hucci is trap's prodigal son (although he might be), but if your problem with the trap scene is that everything sounds the same, why not watch dude rise to the occasion and let his true potential eek through?  - khal