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    Gallant - "Sirens"

    L.A.-based singer Gallant's first three singles marked him as an intriguing talent in the alt-R&B pool, his two original songs ( "Please? (Vignette)" and "If It Hurts") and one cover (Kesha's "Die Young") outlining a style that seemed as indebted to reverb-drenched indie rock and shoegaze as the Weeknd or any 90s influence. "Sirens" pushes Gallant out of his more organic leanings, giving his cutting falsetto a soaring, atmospheric backdrop that feels of the moment without ever losing his slightly psychedelic touch. It isn't precisely a signature song, but it's proof that Gallant and frequent collaborator Felix Snow understand the sound of modern R&B and how to tweak it with their shared, hazy flare. A promising step forward. - Jon Tanners