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    Hip-hop has always been full of boasting and braggadocio, but recently rappers have been really outdoing themselves with their levels of conspicuous consumption, whether that be high-end alcohol, high fashion, or luxury vehicles. This had seemed to reach a peak with Jay Z and Kanye West's almost painfully lavish Watch The Thronebut then a song like "Picasso Baby" drops or Kanye calls himself a God, and you wonder what heights this bragging will attain next. From cars to women to wealth, and well beyond, American rappers take their boasting to ridiculous levels, whereas British rappers seem to be a little more humble, and mundane, in their subject matter.

    Yes, of course these lyrics are taken out of context, and yes, of course, American rappers aren't all talking about their millions while British rappers are struggling to scrape a couple of pennies together, but in attempt to shine a light on just how absurd some of the boasting in current popular U.S. rap is, we've compared and contrasted the brags of UK and U.S. rappers on topics like wealth, record sales, cars, and, most importantly, self-worth.