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    11. Murder Inc.

    Murder Inc., and especially Irv Gotti, represented in many ways the other end of the spectrum from Ray J. Gotti knew everything about Steffans, knew about her relationship with Ja Rule, and about all the other men. The first time they hooked up (if you can even call it that) was when Gotti essentially blackmailed her into giving him head so as not to kick her out of a video shoot. He then offered her to man after man of his acquaintances in the most cold-blooded way possible.

    There is a harrowing scene of him negotiating with Diddy as to whether or not to send Steffans to him for sex. Steffans talks about a rivalry between her and another of Gotti’s women saying, “We were both smart women who deserved so much mother than feuding about who stayed on a video shoot and who got priority in Gotti’s bed." And yet, there they were. Perhaps then one of the lessons of Video Vixens is that they are in some ways a product of the opportunities afforded them, for whatever reason, or lack thereof.