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    12. No family

    In the end, of course, we come back to family. This is what started the entire discussion, what Steffans was searching for, what she believes many other women who choose to prance around in music videos are searching for, that acceptance that should have come from their family.

    “One thing had become clear to me. The people I considered my friends, and even my family, were nothing of the sort. Over the past few years, I had done what was asked of me in order to keep the men in my life happy, in hopes that they would always accept me and want me around. I was the life of the party and the ultimate party favor and showpiece, but now I was a person with issues. When I had a problem I was no longer the carefree addict they had all come to know, they didn’t want me around. They began to change. The same men who gave me thousands of dollars for shopping sprees and fantasy sex-capades were now donating maybe two or three hundred dollars to help me in my plight. I was getting less money in my time of need than I was when I was when I was everyone’s favorite whore.”