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    2. Self-esteem

    Steffans traces much of her career and life trajectory to her lack of self-esteem. She says “the top reason a woman finds herself in a rap video, sprawled undressed over a luxury car while a rapper is saying lewd things about her, is a lack of self-esteem.” She didn’t understand what gave her person value, something she regards as perhaps the biggest hurdle she had to overcome in her personal journey. If we think of the objectification and sexualization in the music industry shifting away from "the Video Vixen" and towards “reality stars,” or towards artists themselves (in some cases one in the same), this is something we have to consider. It gets into similar territory to what Sinéad O’Connor examined in her open letter to Miley Cyrus, and is something that’s made all the more troubling by our intimate knowledge of celebrities’ private lives.