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    3. Family life

    It becomes clear throughout the pages of Steffans' book that the one thing she was really chasing in the bedrooms of all those famous men was a family. She and her mother nursed a mutual hatred of each other, pretty much from the time she was born. She hated that her mother bathed herself in perfume and wore tight-fitting clothes, and that her mother always ran around town with somebody else’s man on her arm. It’s a cruel twist of fate that in familial relationships we often end up emulating what we so despise, and Steffans exhibited similar antics when she grew up.

    But it has to be stressed that her mother also physically and emotionally abused her, beating her viciously and hardly letting her go out of the house. One time Steffans' mother, who was a seamstress, purposefully made young Steffans an ugly dress to wear so that people wouldn’t look at her, and told her as much to her face. After Steffans was horrifically raped, her mother never asked what had happened. Instead she beat her and called her insulting names. This, at least in part, led Steffans to tolerate physically and emotionally abusive behavior from men throughout her life. This is how you mold low self-esteem.