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    5. Kool G Rap

    Steffans became introduced to the rap industry through her (illegal) marriage to Kool G Rap, one of hip-hop’s early pioneers. She met him at a strip club and said he was unattractive but charming and funny, and made her feel protected. Their relationship quickly turned sour, and he began to physically abuse her, even after she had given birth to their son. It was so bad that even one of his ex-girlfriends, who was insanely jealous of Steffans, would cry at the sight of Steffans’ bruises when she came over.

    Eventually Steffans started to get lost in the “new world of hip-hop and the glorious videos accompanying the latest hot singles.” She envied the voluptuous women and considered her body to be “gaunt and disgusting” compared to them. It was her greatest wish to be beautiful, strong, and free, and that is what she saw in Video Vixens. The irony remains that even when she made herself beautiful and became a part of that world, for the longest time she still wasn’t free, since she became shackled to a drug-addicted life and monetarily reliant on famous men.