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    6. Ice-T is a (relative) mensch

    So far in her story, no one seems to have given Steffans even a hint of break, but that all changed when she met Ice-T. Ice-T was the first one to extend a helping hand to her, giving her the money and support that would allow her to move to Los Angeles. He was the only person who wasn’t tearing her down. Of course, as with most things in her book, there is a darker side. He was still essentially her sugar daddy, exchanging support, money, and connections for sex. He sets her up in a two-bedroom condo as if she were some courtesan of old. In the end, however, he was always a complete gentleman. Their relationship was honest, and when he ended it he said gently, “I have to let you go.” Even in the crass world of swapping sex for material goods, there is a clear moral spectrum.