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    Metallica - "Fade To Black"

    Necro says: 

    This song is classic. It is kind of a depressing song. It has a suicidal feel to it. Fading to black is dying.

    I’ve felt suicidal myself a couple of times. I own a lot of guns, so occasionally, I’ll look at my shotgun and imagine myself blowing my head off. And then I think to myself, “That’s a real pussy move.” Sometimes you want to, you’re under mad pressure. But I let it out by looking at the gun, imagining it, and then asking myself if my mother would be able to deal with that. My mother would be so depressed and sad. I would never want to put her through that; she’s been through enough.

    When I think of suicide and people that have done it, I just imagine how fucked up that must be. It’s one thing if somebody dies, but knowing that that person killed themselves, that means that they thought there was nobody that loved them. It’s fucked up. I usually get depressed for like a day or two, every two months, and then I get over it and go back to trekking through all the shit and being positive. I think everyone does. I think anyone who says they never get depressed is a little fishy and weird, and a little robotic. You should be smart enough to know that shit gets better. You could be sad today, but then the next day you get an e-mail from somebody who wants to do something really cool with you. Or a girl wants to give you head.