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    Metallica - "Ride The Lightning"

    Necro says:

    The song came to mind because it’s about the electric chair. He [James Hetfield] says on the song, “Oh please God help me/They’re trying to take it all away/I don’t want to die.” That song definitely embodies what it feels like to be on the verge of death.

    Metallica is my favorite group. I love the band for life. They changed my life. Their first album was released indie, and everybody slept on them. They were so groundbreaking and still are. The fact that they’re still around. Their last record was produced by Rick Rubin. I’m not going to say that I sit here all day and listen to that particular album, but I don’t really listen to a lot of shit. In general, I can enjoy Metallica’s last album. It’s full of riffs and very enjoyable. Anyone that doesn’t get it, they just probably weren’t around at the time when Metallica was the best that they’ve ever been. If you’ve ever experienced Metallica at their best, you will worship them for life.

    They get on stage and kill it, and they don’t even play simple guitar riffs. I can’t play some of it, and I’m a guitar player. You have to have a super-strong arm to be able to down pick like James Hetfield does, and do it night after night on stage. And sing. They are one of the most technical bands ever. Their songs are extremely complex. You can put on their debut album, which came out in 1986, and it’s more complex than anything that’s out now.