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    Necro - "Die!"

    Necro says:

    I sampled Shocking Blue’s “Love Buzz,” and I snatched out the part that goes, “Die… When I hurt you, you die.” I’m pretty much rapping Death Rap on it. I just figured since we were talking dying and death rap, and that’s the name of the album also, that this song made sense.

    I watched my uncle [Uncle Howie, whom Necro’s brother Ill Bill has rapped about repeatedly and also paid homage to with his record label] die around the time I was putting out this album. I literally watched him die, down to the last second. He went from living to not living in front of my eyes. I was in tears. I told him about the album as he was dying, and about how fucked up the situation is. It was tough time for me in general. I got sued by Ani Defranco for sampling her. My career kind of died, and then I brought it back together. I had to rebirth myself and recoup my money. I am very much alive right now.