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    Necro - "Keep On Driving"

    Necro says:

    The whole song is me rapping extremely technically. I’m covering all the famous horror movies, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Hills Have Eyes. But it’s very complicated; it’s not me just saying “I’m coming at you with a ‘Machete.’” It’s not cheesy. I’m saying very lyrical lines. It’s one of my most technical tracks actually. It’s three verses of brutality. I compared Leatherface to looking like meatloaf. And then I rhyme that with oaf. I’m painting the pictures of legendary films.

    My favorite horror movie would have to be Blood Sucking Freaks. It was made in 1976 by Joel Reed, and it’s the only movie he ever made that matters. It’s probably one of the sickest horror movies ever because it’s all about human trafficking. It’s very tongue-in-cheek, but it’s so fucking sick story-wise. It takes place in the West Village in Manhattan, so it’s real East Coast New York. It has a real Puerto Rican midget with a gun who shoots people, kills people, and eats their eyeballs. It’s a legendary horror movie, and I’ve incorporated it into my music by sampling from it and referring to it.