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    Necro - "Murder Ya Life"

    Necro says:

    This song is basically me rapping Death Rap. It’s me rapping about butchering people, which is my way of releasing aggression. The song is about the listener dying, and me doing the killing, verbally. The way everything is done in the song is intense.

    I call my style death rap, and not horrorcore or anything corny. Horrorcore would be “Yo, I’m going to fucking shoot you with the gun/You don’t want it son/You’re done.” That’s how those guys rhyme. Like fucking morons. Now, if you notice in my rhymes, there's complexity. On the Godfathers album (with Kool G. Rap) I said, “Let off the pistol chrome/At any Joe Pistone/Confess to an Episcopal Bishop as my biscuit clips domes.” That’s a real lyricist. We’re not just rapping. We’re coming with more fucking substance. It’s gourmet. At the same time, the subject matter is harsh.