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    Dizzee Rascal

    The Albums: Boy In Da Corner (2003), Showtime (2004), Maths + English (2007)

    There are some people who would say that Dizzee Rascal made two great albums (Boy In Da Corner and Showtime) and then one that, although commercially successful, lost some of the visceral magic that made Dylan Mills such an entertaining artist. By 2007, however, Dizzee was a genuine breakout star, the man who had brought grime to the mainstream over two rough and tough albums of abrasive beats and multi-syllabic lyrical madness, and he had things to celebrate. Moreover, he had earned himself the right to experiment with new sounds and court new audiences, so the fact that Dylan Mills managed to make an album which incorporated Americanized rap production (e.g. "Where's Da G's," "Hardback (Industry)"), distorted guitars ("Sirens"), and a chorus from Lily Allen, yet remained cohesive and focussed, makes Maths + English Dizzee Rascal's third straight great album.