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    The Albums: The Bends (1995), OK Computer (1997), Kid A (2000)

    While early prognosticators might have imagined Radiohead destined for one hit wonderdom in the wake of breakout hit "Creep," the band bucked expectations with a string of stellar, boundary-pushing albums from 1995 to 2000. The Bends announced the beginning of Radiohead's blossoming into an indie flag-bearer, expanding their grunge influence with a wider array of sounds and concepts that hinted at the ambition that would bloom fully over the next half decade. 1997's Paranoid Android the Radiohead creative engine in flight, crafting an evocative set that sounded little like its contemporaries, both modern and timeless in its composition and writing. 2000's Kid A marked Radiohead's deepest departure into experimentation yet, grafting the band's widest array of sounds and textures yet onto their unique sense of structure and an ever-present talent for off-kilter anthems.