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    Saol Álainn - "Nostroke"

    Most of the time, when a band withholds their personal information and goes the whole mystery route, we get a little manic about the unmasking and end up being disappointed when he/she/it ends up being a perfectly normal human with no abnormalities or tiny third arms. Most of the time they don't even have a sixth finger, not on either hand I mean wtf.

    All we know about Saol Álainn is that the L.A. producer is from L.A., the name means "Beautiful Life" in Gaelic (thanks Wild Honey Pie), and he/she/it writes intensely personal and beautiful lyrics. The chorus of "Nostroke" exhumes the author's fear of—what else?—having a stroke: “I don’t wanna have a stroke / if I can’t find my medication / I don’t wanna leave you close / if you can’t assess the situation.“

    True that, Saol Álainn. I don't want to have a stroke either. It sounds terrible. Deep synth and sharp drops are the order of the day, and it all makes for a new sound that has us itching for the next step. Saol Álainn indeed. - Crax