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    M.I.A. - "Sexodus"

    "I don't consider myself a musician. I'm an artist," M.I.A. has said. And if that's the case, then Matangi is her most abstract canvas yet, a smattering of textures and colors that seem like they shouldn't go together but do, masterfully complementing each other to create a product that's as unique as it is aesthetically pleasing. While some fans and critics may have been disappointed by the lack of accessibility in M.I.A's last album, Maya (for, alas, there was no "Paper Planes" on that record), Matangi provides some reassurance that, when so inspired, M.I.A. can not only reproduce something of "Planes'" pop-perfection, but can even exceed it. Which is the case with a song like "Sexodus," a Weeknd-featuring track that is noticeably more sultry than the high-energy beats of the album's other offerings. It's not traditional M.I.A., but for an artist that continuously pushes the boundaries of not only her own music, but of pop music in general, what's "traditional" anyways? - Katie K