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    Zane Lowe has been a fixture on the British radio airwaves for years, presenting an eclectic, fast-paced, two hour evening show from Monday to Thursday, as well as DJing parties and festivals across the country. Thanks to an in-depth interview Eminem, and a historic, epic, one-of-a-kind interview with a highly passionate Kanye West however, Zane Lowe has become much better known outside the UK in 2013.

    At age 40, and having worked around music his whole life, Zane Lowe is an experienced, intelligent interviewer, one who is respected by his subjects because he actually knows (and loves) their music, and has always properly researched them. Prior to the recent marquee interviews, Zane Lowe had sat down with rockstars, rappers and producers of the highest caliber—here are ten of Zane Lowe's most interesting sunjects, including Morissey, Radiohead, Daft Punk, and—of course—Kanye West.