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    Chance The Rapper

    From: Chicago, IL

    Though Chicago's Chance the Rapper first bubbled up with last year's solid 10 Day mixtape, it wasn't until April's Acid Rap that he fully announced himself as perhaps rap's next ascendant talent. With a nimble, uncommonly animated flow, a gift and constant urge for melody, and a voice like few others in the genre, Chance seems equipped with the proper starter kit for a long and adventurous career in rap.

    Before we fast forward, Chance has already proven he can assemble a cohesive, satisfying body of work, as Acid Rap represents the sort of project that blurs the line between "mixtape" and "album" to the point of irrelevance. His rapping ability makes him immediately intriguing, but it is Chance's knack for mixing social observation, self-deprecation, and emotional depth—all qualities of the titan that so inspired him, Kanye West—that will turn him into a lasting artist if properly wielded.