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    The past decade has been exciting for up-and-coming artists. While the internet has given them a new kind of power and the ability to get exposure without the help of labels and money, it presents its own set of obstacles. Most importantly: the barrier to entry is lower than ever, and this means more competition and increasing difficulty standing out. But in 2013, plenty of artists managed to pull it off. This year was filled with Soundcloud hits taking off out of nowhere, acts jumping from one-hit wonders to internet buzz bands, and artists that figured out how to translate online chatter into IRL success.

    For this list, we're celebrating the emerging artists who came up big in 2013. Some are acts that have been making music for a while and broke out this year, and others are brand new. All have proven that they're worth paying attention to in 2014 and beyond. Here are the best new artists of 2013.