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    From: Los Angeles, CA

    It’s rare that an pop or R&B artist has the right balance of songwriting ability and vocal talent. With many mainstream acts, it’s usually a trade-off for one or the other, but not with Banks. She appeared at the beginning of the year with vocals on Lil Silva's club track "Work," but quickly proved that she was destined to be more than just a vocalist on other people's tracks with the release of "Before I Ever Met You," which was followed by the impressive London EP.

    “I wish I was in love but I don’t wanna cause any pain”, she sings on “Waiting Game,” the first track of the stunning EP. You can feel Banks beckoning a partner to bed with a single tantalizing finger on the lusty “Bedroom Wall”, while “This Is What It Feels Like” is pop music updated for a rocky space age. The EP ends with “Change”, a longing song that could soundtrack the trees rolling slowly by the car window on a lengthy roadtrip. With production from SOHN, Lil Silva, Jamie Woon and Tim Anderson, London is one of the standout EPs of the year, and sets the stage for Banks' 2014 debut album.