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    FKA twigs

    From: London, UK

    Last year,  FKA twigs quietly released a four-track EP with feather-light vocals on songs like “Ache” and “Breathe.” We loved it, and supported it, but it took EP2, released on the well-respected Young Turks imprint, to get everyone talking.

    She teamed up with Arca, the Venezuelan producer who helped Yeezus sound as demented as it does, to make R&B music that defies rhythm, blues, or any another common genre description. The result is songs like “Papi Pacify,” which seems to both resist traditional readings of patriarchy and comply with them at the same time, and “Water Me”, which employs metaphorical imagery in allusion to growth and dependence. FKA twigs is an artist who avoids categorization in order to let the unnerving obscurity of her music speak for itself, and that focus has helped her make waves across the indie landscape.