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    From: London, UK

    Paul Dixon used to release music as David's Lyre, but he left that alias behind, took on a new name, and started sending out emails with little more than the name Fyfe, his place of residence (London), and a link to his stunning debut track "Solace." Fyfe's music was so fully formed and expertly produced that the lack of context or information was unimportant, all that was needed was to press play and you were immediately transported into his world of gentle melancholy. As we learned more about Fyfe, his music continued to impress, with the three tracks on his debut EP showing off different elements of his repertoire, but all brought together by Dixon's clear, crisp vocals.

    With a great debut EP out, fyfe is most certainly not resting on his laurels, returning with "Conversations," following that with "Lies Pt. II," and currently recording his debut album.