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    Skin Town

    From: Los Angeles, CA

    Skin Town seemed to come out of nowhere with “2Nite,” a smooth and seductive slice of post-Weeknd R&B that hit harder, and with more emotional impact, than anything Abel Tesfaye has released since his brilliant first mixtape, House of Balloons. Skin Town’s entire debut album, The Room, lives up to the heights promised by “2Nite,” with the duo managing to squeeze a huge amount of variety and experimentation out of their synth-based R&B sound.

    Skin Town are made up of vocalist Grace Hall and producer Nick Turco (Zola Jesus’ live synth player), and together they crafted a really well-rounded, complete record, one that is strong all the way through and cohesive without relying on repeating the same formula over and over again. This is smooth, seductive, modern R&B at it’s very best, and you can listen to the whole album below.