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    By Gus Turner, Confusion, & Constant Gardner

    Sure, some Christmas songs are classics, but on the whole, Christmas music sucks. Maybe it's because you so closely associate it with long, awkward family dinners stuck between your Aunt who smells of brussels sprouts and your half-cousin who thinks he knows everything, or maybe you've had too many bad experiences stuck in long queues in busy stores as the same five Christmas songs play over and over again. Whatever it is, it means that even when talented artists make Christmas albums they are usually overwhelmingly disappointing.

    There are, however, some artists who we'd love to make Christmas albums. These would not be albums that you'd want to play with your family, but from Bon Iver's For Santa, Forever Ago to Gucci Mane's BURR: Baby It's Cold Outside, we would be amazed if these weren't goddamn instant classics.