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    Bon Iver

    Album name: For Santa, Forever Ago

    Birthed in the northern recesses of a small cabin in Medford, WI, For Emma, Forever Ago de-frosted the hearts of even the most curmudgeonly indie fans when Justin Vernon dropped his debut effort as Bon Iver back in 2008. But what if he went even farther north to make that album? Specifically, the North Pole? Well, you'd probably have something like For Santa, Forever Ago, a soft-spoken collection of Christmas lullabies, sure to put even the most eager young elves to bed on Christmas Eve. There'd be no Auto-Tune on here, just the raw, crushing power of Vernon's own Christmas spirit. Oh, and apologies to all the Bon Iver faithful out there, but we're going to have to do a rewrite on "Skinny Love." Santa and Mrs. Claus are just not having it.