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    1. Will There Be Enough Water?

    Album: Horehound Year: 2009

    At the end of The Dead Weather's first album, Horehound, sits an unexpected gem in Jack White's discography, the stumbling and bluesy "Will There Be Enough Water?" The song is such a surprise only because of how it seemingly represents the opposite of everything that White normally does in his music. We're given no hard-thumping amp static or intricate poetry. His mischievousness and non-negotiable edge are conspicuously absent. Instead, White chooses to answer the question that hangs over his filthy mind and the belligerent, sonic confrontations that he constructs; he gives us the answer to a question that none of us wanted to have to ask, but now feel we must: what happens when the party is over and all the booze is drunk and the woman you loved is gone?

    Ambling, exhausted, and feverish, "Will There Be Enough Water?" suggests an answer that is neither pretty nor romantic nor sexy: White is dying of thirst, just hoping to find the next well-spring. He tries to manufacture a breakdown in the end—something that can send everyone home happy—but it packs none of the punch that we've come to expect from him. It's certainly a reality check, and certainly nothing that we wanted to hear, but after the mess that he's made, how else could we have expected it to end? Certainly no way other than this.