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    10. You Don't Understand Me

    Album: Consolers of the Lonely Year: 2006

    As self-professed consolers of the lonely, The Raconteurs are almost obligated to speak on alienation, no? Indeed, the subject has never been a difficult one for White to touch on, often presenting himself—whether in appearance or artistry—as a ghostly, spectral figure, relaying messages for those who can't be heard. However, with "You Don't Understand Me," there's nothing so heavy as death or depression lying underneath White's lyricism; it's just another sad love song about a man who can't communicate with his woman. And after having to take a hiatus from The White Stripes, White can tell us all about heterosexual or social frustrations, perhaps hinting at his eventual artistic breakup from Meg White with this exasperated, defeated tale of two lovers divided.