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    4. Blue Blood Blues

    Album: Sea of Cowards Year: 2010

    The opening, distorted guitar riffs of "Blue Blood Blues" are perhaps the most recognizable moments of The Dead Weather's entire discography, serving as the backdrop for the battleships and broken bones and blue blood trails that dot the landscape of White's eternally fucked-up universe. There's a fearlessness in his lyricism throughout "Blue Blood," commanding and sure, that adds an extra authority to all of his statements and orders. Shake those hips! Check your lips! White isn't saying that he's able to make the white girls trip because of his music; he's telling us that he does it through his sheer presence alone. Even if his cockiness just serves as a mask for his insecurities (and in this song it most assuredly does) we still can't help but admire White for his unfailingly brash ego.