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    6. Blunderbuss

    Album: Blunderbuss Year: 2012

    Every so often, among the grimy garage dirt sonics of his Dead Weather and White Stripes discography, Jack White will uncover a gentle tune of an unquestionably different atmosphere and presence to what we're used to. The title track of White's debut solo album is—much like "We're Going to Be Friends" or "White Moon" before it—exactly one of these songs, giving White a platform to untie the ribbons knotting up his soul, and spill out its contents in a flurry of lively couplets. It's in these moments, when the cacophony of guitars and bass kicks that often buries his voice is silenced, that White becomes his most accessible, showing his audience that, when all the static fades away, there's still a man with a beating heart standing underneath.