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    7. Freedom at 21

    Album: Blunderbuss Year: 2012

    Given a 2013 Grammy nomination for "Best Rock Song," Blunderbuss's third single, "Freedom at 21," takes a perhaps-controversial stance on women's rights and female liberation in modern society, with White painting himself as the victim of an ex-lover's independence throughout the course of the song. However, this perspective isn't particularly surprising from White who, as we've seen from other tracks like "Love Interruption," is never afraid to present love as the brutal and often unforgiving exercise that it truly is. White can play either the sadist or the masochist in his work, but in "Freedom at 21" it's abundantly clear that he's the one getting kicked around here, and he'll be damned if it doesn't make him a little angry to see his girl do it so carelessly.