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    9. Broken Boy Soldier

    Album: Broken Boy Soldiers Year: 2008

    The title track for White's first post-White Stripes album, "Broken Boy Soldier" is a scratchy, hard-bit number, featuring some of White's most vitrolic vocal work to date. Backed by a blizzard of clattering cymbals, and nervous, high-pitched guitars, White delivers a performance reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song," summoning the same primal catharsis that Robert Plant unleashes in the opening seconds of Zeppelin's iconic number. Whether playful, baroque, or unharnessed, White's versatility with his vox has always taken the backseat to his ability as a guitar player when critics discuss his musical repertoire. But on "Broken Boy Soldier," White shows that he won't let his voice go unheard for long.