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    In 2013, we got tired of getting music recommendations from computers. "If you like 2Pac, then you should listen to...." No, stop it. Maybe one day, computers will be able to "understand" music and automate music discovery better than human beings. But so far, there hasn't been a music discovery app that has gotten it right. No algorithm, social networking service, or customizable radio station has been able to nail it down. There's still nothing quite as effective as a friend saying, "You like so-and-so? Check this out."

    For the past year, we've tried to be that friend. It has all been in an attempt to help, but it's funny because it's probably one of the more controversial things we do. Every time we say, "If you like [insert artist name], then check out [insert artist name]" we are met with opposition. "STOP COMPARING ARTISTS TO OTHER ARTISTS," shouted dozens of angry tweeters and Facebook commenters. It's not about that. If you're looking to discover new music, the fastest way to do it is to dig in based on what you already know you like. If that idea bothers you, skip this one, because we've gathered 50 of our recommendations from 2013 and put them into this post.

    IF YOU LIKE THESE ARTISTS, CHECK OUT THESE OTHER ARTISTS. Hope you find something you like.