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    3. Arcade Fire - "Reflektor"

    Director: Anton Corbijn

    Not only did Arcade Fire deliver a brilliant album with Reflektor, they built up to it with one of 2013's more interesting album roll-outs. Just one part of that roll-out was this video for "Reflektor," one of two videos for the same song, both released September 9, around three weeks before the album came out. First, the band shared a link to an interactive video which used the viewer's webcam to put them into the video, but what followed was something even more impressive.

    The non-interactive "Reflektor" video saw legendary photographer and director Anton Corbijn taking charge, and using reflective surfaces and masks (that played a continued part in the release strategy) as a central thread to subtly explore ideas of identity and self. Whether or not you take any deeper ideas from the video, though, it is a monochrome masterpiece, full of striking, beautiful images from both day and nighttime.

    Corbijn has built long and fruitful working relationships with many bands, but especially U2 and Depeche Mode (the only other artist he directed a video for this year), and hopefully he will do the same with Arcade Fire, because the results are just wonderful.—Constant Gardner