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    17. Bob Dylan - "Like A Rolling Stone"

    Director: Vania Heymann

    While some videos benefit from keeping it simple, visuals to go alongside something like Bob Dylan's classic "Like A Rolling Stone" call for a different, more sophisticated approach. Created around the time of the release of Bob Dylan's The Complete Album Collection Volume 1 box set, creator and director Vania Heymann embarked on this incredibly ambitious project. The interactive video for "Like A Rolling Stone" plays out like late-night television, over which the viewer has control as they can flip through the channels.

    Heymann, as he explained in an interview, wanted to take a passive activity, and turn it into something that viewers will want to actively participate in. It takes a moment to realize, but over 16 channels, those who appear on the screen are actually mouthing the lyrics to Dylan's song. Overall, the video was a very committed effort that successfully bridges the old and the new. But really, though—what better way to do that, than to have Danny Brown lipsync Bob Dylan?—Joyce