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    19. Earl Sweatshirt - "Hive"

    Director: Hiro Murai

    Earl Sweatshirt is haunted. His is a mind capable of great and terrible things, and they begin to manifest in the video for "Hive." He's sweaty, uncomfortable, and hesitant to meet the camera's eye throughout the video, our reluctant guide through a nightmare.

    Demons loom out of the shadows, wearing burlap masks and popping wheelies over the song's mournful choir and thick bass. Throughout promotion for Doris, Earl proved himself capable of building something bigger than just a collection of songs. Like his performances as "Mocha Desire," the video for "Hive" is delivered deadpan and is genuinely frightening at times. But it's all part of your journey with this artist, a Truman show for one of rap's prodigal sons.—Crax