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    14. FKA twigs - "Papi Pacify"

    Director: FKA twigs & Tom Beard

    A cinematic display of erotica the likes of Madonna's Sex days, FKA twigs’ "Papi Pacify" is a visually arresting five minutes of discomfort for the viewer. It starts off silent with a loop of FKA twigs' mouth and throat being coddled by the hand of a muscular man, shot in black in white with deep plum undertones. At first, the scene appears aggressive but its edges smooth out with glimpses of her hands gently rubbing his, suggesting pleasure not pain in the situation. As the haunting track begins, his hand envelops her mouth—an image so disturbing, it lingers long after the video ends—before he releases her.

    The video's carnal nature plays with elements of BDSM, such as role-playing and voyeurism, as FKA twigs' doe-eyed gaze shifts from her partner to directly into the camera while she begs the man to both pacify and clarify their love. It then juxtaposes her petite body draped in shimmering glitter against more shots of her placed in submissive positions, further solidifying FKA twigs' reputation as one of the strangest, most fascinating figures in modern R&B. It also demonstrates director Tom Beard's ability to effectively interpret understated-yet-captivating songs; he has since added Denai Moore's "The Lake" to his portfolio.—Dee