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    5. FKA twigs - "Water Me"

    Director: FKA twigs & Jesse Kanda

    FKA twigs has full control of her artistic destiny. With two videos/songs on this list, she has transcended the title of "musician" and moved into some hybrid space, too good at both music and video to choose just one. Born Tahliah Barnett, FKA Twigs delivers another dose of hypnosis with "Water Me.

    A distorted vision of her faces stares back at the viewer, eyes bulging, ticking and tocking into frame. When the lyrics start the focus changes, and we're introduced to an iconic image: the nose ring, pigtails, and double earrings of one of R&B's most exciting young artists. She wants you to see her, but see her on terms she sets, just distorted enough to blur the lines of what's real.—Crax