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    11. Gesaffelstein - "Hate or Glory"

    Director: Fleur & Manu

    After Gesaffelstein dropped the eerie/excellent clip for "Pursuit," I wasn't sure what I'd expect when I saw that "Hate or Glory" hit the Internets. There was definite confusion at the intro, one which found two guys arguing in the middle of nowhere. It had an odd The Wire feel to it, especially when one of the guys kills the other, robbing him of his jewelry. As the story progressed, we saw his downright obsession with gold soar to new, unheard of heights (well, unless you've seen old Bond films). It brought a new perspective to the title "Hate or Glory." Is the obsession with acquiring the most jewels a way that people glorify their achievements ("of course he's balling, check out how he's shining!"), or is there some element of self-loathing there, making you look even more foolish with each new rope? Who knows. There's something more brewing with this piece, and even though a torrid tale of inner city thug life is the basis of this, it could've been told in a number of different settings with the same result. And for that, dance music wins.—khal